Who we are

"Over 50 years of industrial history"

If there’s magic on this planet, it’s in the water

Loren Eiseley

Gruppo Zilio is a long-established industrial company dealing with water purification and environmental protection in absolute terms.
Since 1959 it has constantly grown thanks to the success of its products and the implementation of a strong internationalization policy.

Gruppo Zilio has established during the years important university collaborations with national and international research institutions.
Also thanks to these institutions, Gruppo Zilio is able to produce a wide range of filter materials.

A daily activity of internal research goes along with product development and supports the client in the selection of tailored processes for specific applications.
Transparency and professionalism at all levels are the core Values through which a Management completely renewed is going to open to a borderless market.

Mission: Our target is enabling people all over the world to drink pure water and live in a healthy environment.

Vision: Running towards the future being sure of what we will gain. Pure water. Stories about lives and men, stories about us.

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our sons.

Navajo people’s proverb

The development of consumers’ economy and the common concept of wellbeing from easy consumption has led to a new emergency in both environmental, social and economic terms: waste emergency.  Waste emergency, generally called the environmental emergency, comes of a wrong model of growth, the so-called ‘take-made-dispose’.


This is a linear model involving the production of goods or materials, its use and its final disposal. It requires endless, cheap and low-cost disposing resources. Actually this is not being so and this way, besides being unsustainable, is creating a relevant damage to our planet.

Gruppo Zilio, with a view of promoting the circular economy (opposed to the linear economy), an economic model reducing or eliminating waste by maximizing the value in use of the products, has realized a regenerating process which enables to dump 3% of the weight of spent material instead of 100%.