Water is the stuff of life. It’s matrix, mother and means.
There is no life without water. 
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

The materials of the group of iron oxide-hydroxides, produced by Gruppo Zilio, are regenerable. The regeneration process has been developed by the company itself and an international patent is pending for it.
Traditionally, once the useful life-cycle runs out, these materials are destined to be disposed.


Gruppo Zilio, has instead developed its materials thinking of how to give them ‘a new life’.
In order to obtain this, the company has devised, designed and built the plant and the underlying process enabling the regeneration of filter materials.
All this is possible as Gruppo Zilio S.r.l. has obtained the authorization n. 103/2014 of 6/6/2014, issued by the province of Vicenza, with which we are authorized for the reserve (R13) and recovery (R5) of special non-hazardous waste (which is the classification of the exhausted material), identified by the CER code 19.09.01 "Solid waste produced from primary filtration and screening processes".
The benefits for the environment is connected to the fact that 3% of the product is dumped and wastewater is not created. (Zero Liquid Discharge).


The benefits are not over:

- by using the regenerated material the production of new media is significantly reduced
- with a remarkable saving of raw materials and low-costing in energy and economic terms.


regenera brand rigenerazione materiale filtrante gruppo zilio trasparente 1

New life to the material

The adsorbent mass
blocks the pollution.

frecce gruppo zilio ok


frecce gruppo zilio ok2
processo regenera gruppo zilio bis
frecce gruppo zilio ok3

The adsorbent mass
is saturated.

frecce gruppo zilio ok3

The adsorbent saturated mass is regenerated
and ready to use.

Performances of regenerated material

(Filtration Days/Concentration of Arsenic into treated water)

performance of regenerated material testing in real condition large