Removal of arsenic from water

Water is essential to support life

Water is essential to support life but many people all over the world cannot have access to this  resource properly for quality and quantity. The presence of arsenic is often one of the reasons why water is not safe to drink.

Arsenic is a metalloid widely common in nature, and actually it is one of the most common elements of the earth’s crust. Its components are found into rocks (it is a component of about 250 different metals), into the ground, into water, animals and plants. According to a MIT report of 2013, the presence of arsenic into drinking water was documented in 105 countries all over the world and we can say that the more analyses are made available the more we find it into new sources. The geographical areas more struck are in Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and United States. Also in Europe we can find wide polluted areas, such as the Danube region and the center of Italy.


In the long term, the exposition to arsenic in drinking water, even in small dosages, can damage skin and cause skin cancer. Other organs which can develop a cancer by arsenic are the lungs and the bladder. Even diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and development problems can derive from long exposition to arsenic.
Finally it is known the neurotoxicity of this element and its components.

For the above reasons the World Health Organization has fixed at 10 µg/liter the maximum concentration allowed for arsenic in drinking water.
This limit was transposed into European Countries’ Legislation and generally into the most developed countries.
Gruppo Zilio’s contribution to solve this problem comes through AndelPolary TH08, an adsorbing material specific for arsenic. Thanks to AndelPolary TH08 it is possible to make drinking water safe, with small plants, easy and cheap to handle.
Last but not least, AndelPolary TH08 is regenerable and therefore does not represent a problem when it is saturated.

How does the filter material work?

Polluted water

freccia dx gruppo zilio

water with different pollutants,
in different quantities 

Drinking Water

freccia dx gruppo zilio

water made drinkable
with a remarkable energy savings

processo filtrazione arsenico gruppo zilio
freccia sx gruppo zilio


Better adsorption capacity
compared to this type of materials
on the market.